Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRCCloud?

An IRC client – we connect to IRC servers for you, keep your connection alive, and store your chat history. You can access it via a modern web browser, or our mobile apps.

How much does it cost?

Here is our pricing.

How can I pay?

You can either make a one-off payment for a year, or set up recurring monthly and annual subscriptions. We accept PayPal or direct credit/debit card payments via Stripe. In Germany, only direct card payments are accepted for recurring subscriptions due to restrictions imposed by PayPal. We don't accept Bitcoin yet.

Which browsers does it work in?

We’ve tested in modern versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Recent versions of Opera, based on Chromium, should work fine.

IE 10+ kinda works (we still have some work to do..)

We plan to continue improving browser support in future.

Is there a mobile version?

We have an Android app and an iOS app. They are available in the app stores, and are also open source.

Does IRCCloud act as a BNC/bouncer and stay connected when I go offline?

Yes it does – you will stay connected to IRC even if you shutdown your computer or sign out of This means when you come back, you'll be able to see what happened on IRC whilst you were away.

Can I run a local version of IRCCloud for my company/team?

Yes, we have an on-premises enterprise version. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further –

Can I connect to an IRC network via SSL?

Yes. Additionally, your web connection to the will always be over HTTPS.

Can I connect to an IRC network that requires a password?

For server passwords, you’ll need to upgrade your account. NickServ login and SASL auth are available on free accounts.

How can I get notifications/alerts when someone says my name or triggers a highlight?

You can set your highlight words in account settings, and lines that mention you will be highlighted. To get popup alerts there are a few options available to you:

How can I read more history/backlog?

If you scroll to the top of the conversation, more history will automatically be loaded. We keep all your message history forever (until you delete it).

For now you are limited to using the built-in search feature of your browser. In future we plan to offer a proper search that will search through your history on the server.

Can I connect to irccloud with my normal IRC client, like a typical bouncer?

Nope, this isn't supported right now. Maybe in future, but we are focusing on building a great web interface first.

What IP addresses do you use?

If you run an IRC network, information on the IP address ranges we use is in our Networks FAQ.

How can I ban an IRCCloud user?

Information on the host and username scheme that we use is available in our abuse policy.

Any API docs?

Yup, take a look over here

What technologies does IRCCloud use?

The backend is written in Erlang, with Redis, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra. The frontend is all JavaScript and websockets.

Why was I disconnected from my IRC server?

One of the following reasons:

  1. Transient network problems outside our control
  2. Session limits imposed by the IRC network you were using. They may need to make special allowances for IRCCloud connections
  3. "Zombie Detection" - on the limited trial, you’ll be disconnected from all networks if you don't visit the IRCCloud website for a couple of hours. If you upgrade your account, we’ll keep you connected forever, regardless.
  4. A bug in IRCCloud that caused your connection to bounce (rare, but more likely during beta).

How are my passwords stored, are they secure?

  1. Your IRCCloud account password is stored as a salted hash (bcrypt, with decent work factor), and so is protected; we can't read or discover it
  2. Your nickserv credentials, server password and on-connect commands are stored symmetrically encrypted using a key unique to your account. We need to temporarily decrypt these when we send them to IRC servers

For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

How can I connect to my own ZNC instance?

First you’ll need to upgrade your account to connect to passworded servers. Add a nework, enter your ZNC hostname & port, then enter all your authentication details in the "Server password" field under "Advanced options" in one of these formats: