About IRCCloud

IRCCloud is a modern, always-connected IRC client that works on mobile and the web.

You’ll always be connected to IRC, even if your browser is closed and your computer is offline. When you come back to your computer, you’ll be able to easily see and respond to new messages since the last time you checked.

You can use IRCCloud from multiple computers—a record of messages you’ve seen and responded to are automatically kept in sync, so you get a seamless experience every time.

Why IRCCloud?

IRC is an unassuming yet incredibly important communication medium for millions of people.

Many groups, online communities, technology companies, open-source projects, and distributed teams rely on IRC for daily operations.

We built IRCCloud to solve these three issues:

  1. You need to be online and running your IRC software to get messages;
  2. Being logged in to IRC from two or more computers often causes confusion;
  3. Most IRC software isn’t a pleasure to use.

Our design philosophy is to make things clean, elegant and unobtrusive. IRC software shouldn’t get in your way. We’ve enabled some useful features by default, such as automatically collapsing join and part messages. Conversely, and as a matter of good taste, we promise never to add graphical emoticons.

Come and talk to us in #feedback, email us at or find us on Twitter at @irccloud and help make IRCCloud even better :)

The team

RJ, one of the co-founders, works on the backend software, which is written in Erlang. An online-music alumnus, he founded Audioscrobbler and, where he worked from 2002-2009. He occasionally blogs about Erlang and scalability topics on, and is @metabrew on Twitter.

James, our other co-founder, is acting designer and frontend engineer, and frequently delves into Erlang too.

Sam is reponsible for the Android and iOS apps. A gamer, photographer, and alumnus, he posts on Twitter as @c99koder.

Russ works on backend infrastructure and operations. An early employee, he came to IRCCloud via gambling startup Smarkets. You can find him discussing things that ferment, superconduct, or have a circuit diagram on, and tweeting as @russss.