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2018-10-27 13:41:09 james Desktop app updated to 0.8.0 (uses latest stable electron: 3.0.6/chromium 66)
2018-09-27 15:18:00 james Add support for deleting messages in private team servers, and slack integrations
2018-05-29 11:15:55 james Slack integration
2018-04-18 15:05:24 james added gravatar support as a fallback for users with an email address in their realname
2018-04-18 15:02:01 james Added a "characters remaining" indicator on long messages that might be split
2018-04-18 15:00:32 james Added "Remove trackers from sent URLs" setting to "Chat & embeds" section
2018-04-09 16:09:08 james Avatars
2018-02-07 19:44:25 james Accessibility improvements. More things are labelled, tab navigation is expanded, menus should be easier, and focus states more obvious.
2018-01-23 17:23:36 james Added a message layout setting for "Colourise mentions" (separate from nicknames)
2017-11-17 19:07:11 james Added support for Unicode 10 emoji.
2017-11-17 19:07:04 james Allow using :emocodes: next to text without spaces in between.
2017-11-17 19:06:48 james Added support for showing extended mIRC colour codes (83 more colours)
2017-08-07 15:18:06 james New teams features: reply threads and reactions (ircv3)
2017-08-07 15:17:35 james Added optional formatting for ```block``` and `inline` code and > quoted lines
2017-08-07 15:17:12 james Added Unicode 9.0 emoji
2017-08-07 15:17:03 james Mentioned nicknames are now clickable when preceded by @ or followed by : , >
2017-08-07 15:16:58 james New URL format, e.g. /irc/freenode/channel/python
2017-08-07 15:16:49 james Various embedding fixes and added support for instagram
2017-08-07 15:16:20 james Group host changes along with collapsed join/parts
2017-08-07 15:16:12 james Allow multiple whois responses to show at once e.g. /whois nick1,nick2
2017-08-07 15:15:57 james Added a shortcut for opening settings: Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + , (comma)
2017-08-07 15:15:29 james Allow callerid and wallops to be ignored
2017-08-07 15:15:21 james Added details and clarify ignore behaviour in PMs
2017-08-07 15:15:14 james Use a better default ban mask for irccloud users
2017-08-07 15:15:06 james Handle reverse color and strikethrough formatting in received messages
2017-08-07 15:14:49 james Added a restricted referrer policy and prevent additional referrer leaks in twitter embeds
2017-08-07 15:14:30 james Added /monitor support
2017-02-08 16:16:07 james Enlarge emoji-only messages with an option to disable in layout/design settings
2016-12-21 15:59:49 james Added a new emoji picker with support for unicode 8.0 emoji, and the ability to reply to messages with emoji reactions on team servers
2016-12-21 15:58:58 james Added a spam detection warning that lets you easily delete mass PM spam
2016-11-22 19:12:32 james added a /clear command that clears the backlog in a channel from the screen. it can be reloaded with the "load more backlog" button or with a page refresh
2016-11-22 19:11:50 james added a /umode command shortcut for /mode $yournick that can be used in connection commands
2016-11-22 13:42:18 james new black theme: midnight
2016-11-22 13:41:54 james tabcomplete now prioritises your own nick for commands like /mode (except when in a channel). try /mode+tab in a server log
2016-11-22 13:41:32 james /whowas support
2016-11-22 13:41:28 james pastebin updates: wrapped lines are no longer indented. go to line and search shortcuts are disabled to avoid clashing with browser shortcuts
2016-11-22 13:41:23 james support for displaying inspircd module related output
2016-11-22 13:41:14 james desktop notifications now include a small preview when they include image links that respects embed setting (if the browser supports it)
2016-11-22 13:41:11 james performance improvements
2016-09-15 19:20:30 james Added a compact mode to design settings and changed monospace font from Inconsolata to Hack
2016-06-07 11:08:18 james Updated message layout and added options for separate line authors, real names, icons and timestamp placement
2016-03-03 12:18:55 james Embed links
2016-01-15 14:52:42 james Reverted punctuation after tab complete behaviour, too many exceptions where it would be unexpected.
2016-01-13 17:41:24 james Typing punctuation after tab complete now inserts the punctuation next to the name, on the other side of a space, and replaced any colons inserted
2016-01-13 17:40:10 james Annual subscriptions
2015-10-12 09:37:05 james FIX: nicknames are selectable in Firefox again
2015-09-14 13:06:05 james new design
2015-07-14 11:42:26 james Stopped relying on flash for audio alerts
2015-06-25 14:54:43 misha added quick jump to channel dialog. press ctrl-k (cmd-k on mac) and start typing to jump to a channel or private message
2015-06-17 15:42:38 james Launched invite badges to make it easier to bring new people to IRC
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